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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Inauguration of ATM Yavatmal Head Post Office

The Inauguration of ATM 

of Yavatmal Head Post Office
in the presence of Smt. Mariamma Thomas,
Hon’ble Postmaster General

Nagpur Region Nagpur.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015




Written By Admin on December 2, 2014 | Tuesday, December 02, 2014

AIO Drivers Installer CD Download

AllinOne (AIO) Driver Installation CD offers a collection of essential driver installation in an ISO file as AMD ATI, Gigabyte, Asus, Realtek, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Acer and even drivers of other brands. This package contains several driver packages as Chipset, Video, Audio, LAN, Modem, camera and other 


  • Unpack and mount the ISO file With your favorite tool.
  • Run drv.exe file and get the process started.
  • Then reboot your computer. That's it, Enjoy.
If Your Anti-Virus Detect Virus Then Please Disable your Anti-Virus .

File Info : AIO Drivers

File Size : 174 MB ; File Type : ISO;
Download Link : Google Drive

All In One Drivers    : Download

Source : http://potools.blogspot.in/


Written By Admin on May 9, 2015 | Saturday, May 09, 2015

SQL Database Log Truncate Tool For Post Office

  • Download attached Tool 
  • Enter Server name and SA Password to Clear Log file of all MM and Sanchay Post database Log.

Maccamish setup

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Tips and Tool for Upgrade Status of Meghdoot 7.9.1 in Parcel Net

Upgrade Meghdhoot Parcel Net Update

  1. Upgrade Meghdoot Parcel Net Update 7.9.1 Released dated 29.03.2014.
  2. Download and execute Postman Issues and Solutions.
  3.  Download Revised Postman exe from PoTools.

Tips to Upgrade Status of Parcel Net 7.9.1

  • after Upgrade Parcel Net Update 7.9.1 in Post offices all the updated modules should open/execute at once before Run R Net Communication.
  • Download Upgrade Status Tool from PoTools to Check the version of Point of sale, Despatch, Postman and R Net communication.
Download (Version Checker)


Note: After Update just Open all Update MM Application at once before Check/Execute R Net Communication.

Version - Message Upgrade Exl for Parcel Net 7.9.1


Meghdhoot Update 7.9.1 dated 29.03.2014

Parcel Net Update

Postman  Issues and Solution

Postman Solution

Postman  Revised Executable File

Postman Solution

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Postman And Point Of Sale Run Time Error '70'

In windows 7, while open Postman and Point of Sale Module it shows an error message as Permission Denied '70' due to insufficient permission to access the Application.

Check List To Overcome The Issues:

  1. Windows 7 User has been configured with Administrator Permission.
  2. User Access Control - Should be Lowest Level.

Instruction - To Change UAC

  1. Click Start > Type UAC.
  2. Click On Change User Account Control Settings.
  3. Select Never notify in UAC Settings then Press OK.

Instruction - To Change Account Type

  1. Check User Type, Modify User Account Type as Administrator.
  2. Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > User Accounts.
  3. Select Change User Account Type > Select as Administrator.
  4. then click on Change Account Type Button. 

Very Important (Final) Step


Issues In Sub Account Supplementary And Solution

a. Runtime error appearing for Supplementary--Printing SO Reports-->Summary-General
b. Runtime error appearing for Supplementary--View So Details--Other Data/Closing Balance.

Sub Account Error Message

  • Incorrect Syntax Near 'Speedpo'
  • Incorrect Syntax Near 'IEMOP'
  • Incorrect Syntax Near '.' / Incorrect syntax Near '+'.
  • Incorrect Syntax Near 'ip

Solution For Incorrect Syntax Near ''

CEPT Provides Solution for Incorrect Syntax Near '' in Sub Account 7.8 Supplementary .

Download attached Sub account Exls
Execute both exls using Script Tool.exe.



Postman 7.9.1 Issue With Request Resend COD Data

If any PO is not receiving COD Articles Message data After Upgradation to 7.9.1 even after making "Request Resend" then

  • Download the Attached postman Script dated 11.04.2014

  • Execute using Script Tools, check Script error log for any errors.
Issues :

If found any errors contact CEPT through HDMS.

Weblink Dated 24.02.14

Alert Messages,
Instant Messaging ,
Hiding IE when Esc key pressed
Sleep Weblink
are removed to make it work smoothly in sify environment.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


One Click Backup Tool By SrFix

This will backup SQL Databases and MDB files to the Destination selected. The Destination path can be saved. If Destination is not selected or saved, files will be stored in C:\Backup.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tools and Utilities for Sanchaya Post.

Signature Scan (for Sanchay Post)

Signature Scanner is a simple signature scanning tool which scans the signature by webcam. It has both B/W and Grayscale mode scanning. The size of B/W image is 5 kb and grayscale is 20 kb. Select B/W option for scanning Signatures and grayscale for scanning LTM’s. It can scan signatures/LTM’s directly to database or to a file. In future I will add the feature of getting the not scanned accounts information automatically.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 06/09/2010 Size : 18kb Download 

Consolidated Savings Bank statement tool

This is the tool for generation of statements. It generates the consolidated New accounts opened, Deposits and withdrawals etc., of selected offices for given period. Export option exports the data to csv format file which can opened by Excel.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 15/04/2011 Size : 17kb Download

Database Backup (for SQL SERVER)

This is a simple Database Backup tool. It displays all the databases. Only we have to select the databases and folder where the backup should generate.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 23/12/2010 Size : 35kb Download

Sanchay Post Data Extraction

Sanchay Post data extraction tool extracts the data from Sanchay Post in Sub Office / Head Office. Here we can get the date wise consolidation, transaction details by Agent/Bo/Counter wise also. In case of bulk acceptance it gets the actual transactions only for total. i.e., if bulk acceptance is done but not bulk posting then the transaction will not count. You have the option to generate for a period or for a day. Currently RD data extraction is working. In future I will add the MIS and SCS schemes to this tool. Try the new version and give feed back.
Version: 1.6 Updated : 06/03/2011 Size : 45kb Download 

SO Data Import tool for SBCO

SO/HO data import tool imports the data from files generated by Sanchay Post Data Extraction tool. In this tool we can verify the data. If the data is already imported to V2SBCO then the account no’s are highlighted in red color. While importing if any error/discrepancy found then the error log list is generated at the bottom list. We can save this log for further actions. Currently RD data is importing. In future I will add the MIS and SCS schemes to this tool. Try the new version and give feed back.
Version: 1.6 Updated : 06/03/2011 Size : 35kb Download

Silent Account Revival Tool – Sanchay Post

This is the tool for Revive the SB silent accounts for Sanchay Post. This tool revives the accounts not found/not opened in Sanchay Post. If account no found in Sanchay Post then it skips the posting for that account no. This tool needs the Excel file filled by the basic information like Account No, Name, DLT, Year of Silent etc (For Account creation and Interest calculation). Download the excel format is and fill the details without changing the sheet name. Sheet name should be Sheet1. Do not change the column headings also. For SOSB create the files separately by office names. The same files can be used to revive @ SBCO/SO. The columns of red colored headings are mandatory. Interest need not to calculate. The tool will automatically calculate the interest. For verification purpose detailed interest statement will generate at right side.
Version: 1.5 Updated : 23/03/2011 Size : 39kb Download

Silent Account Revival Tool – SBCO

This is just like silent account revival tool for Sanchay Post.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 23/12/2010 Size : 35kb  Download    Excel Format

Discrepancy Editor
This is the tool for edit/clear the discrepancies found in Sanchay Post. By this tool we can solve different kinds of discrepancies easily.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 20/09/2010 Size : 27kb Download 

RD Bulk Posting (for Sanchay Post)

This tool is useful for counter transaction. By using this tool we can post the Agent/Institution Accounts easily. To use this tool Agents should provide the soft copy of Schedule in prescribed format (MS Excel having the columns ACCNO, NAME, DEP, RPW, DF REBATE). The tool will take Verification process on Duplicate accounts, Wrong Account Numbers, Denomination Difference, DF Difference, Rebate Difference, From Month, To Month, Balance and Totals. If any discrepancy found then it highlights in red color and generates log list. After clearing this discrepancy only it lets to post.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 08/09/2010 Size : 77kb Download   Excel format

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meghdoot Updates 28.03.2011

1.Meghdoot Updates 28.03.2011 single exe for HO DOWNLOAD

2.Meghdoot Updates 28.03.2011 single exe for SO DOWNLOAD

Thursday, March 31, 2011

SO Transit Problem on 01.04.2011

Please download & execute the script  SO Problem Solution.sql in Query Analyzer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


 Sending AccountMIS- Steps to be followed

1. SpeedNet
2. Postman
3. Despatch
4. Point of Sale
5. Sanchay Post
6. Subaccounts &
7. Treasury ( After day end then, Generate the Daily Account )

Run the Account MIS (i.e. DET) Click on Transaction Date & Click on OK button. Please notice that DET HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY TRANSMITTED message shown on screen. If your office internet connection is not functioning your office DET will not been transmitted and stored in PENDING FILE FOLDER. If your office internet connection is functioning then run DET and enter yesterday date. (I.e. DET not transmitted date) and CLICK on "TRANSMIT PENDING FILE” option

Go to the web page https://services.ptcmysore.gov.in/AccountsMIS/

( Now watch one more screen open with User id and Password )
here enter the Login ID - dop ( small letter ) & Password - accts ( small letter )

( Now a new screen will be opened and then selecet one by one option as per following steps

Click on Office Detail -
Circle name - Select Your Circle Name
Region name - Select Your Region Name
Division name - Select Your Division Name
Date - Click on calendar and select transmission date
Phase - Select Your Office Phase
File - Received
Now move the horizontal scroll bar right side and Click on VIEW REPORT
here you can see Your Office Name 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Presentation on Technological Developments in Department of Posts was held on 23.11.2010 in the presence of Secretary, Department of Posts, Member (Technology), Member (Operations) and other officers of the India Post. The Staff side was represented by Secretary Generals of Federations and General Secretaries of All India Unions.

The presentation was elaborately dealt with the vast changes that are going to take place in the Department of Posts due to large scale induction of Information and communication Technology (ICT). A budget of Rs. 1800 crores has been earmarked for the project which is to be completed by the year end of 2013.

The gist of the presentation can be summed up as follows:

In this era of fast developing Information and Communication Technology, large scale induction and assimilation of modern means of communication has become vital for sustenance and growth of India Post.

Having created a base of more than 12000 computerised Post offices in the country and a pool of trained human resource, India Post is in the process of implementing mass scale computerization and networking of all Departmental Post offices and Branch Post offices on a single integrated and modular platform connected to a National Data Center.

This National infrastructure, so created will enable India Post to provide state-of-the-art ICT services including Mobile remittance and Banking on a core banking platform and provide inclusive banking to rural, remote and hitherto unbanked areas.

The vast network and infrastructure of India Post, have already enabled it to become the preferred point of inter face between Government and the members of public for delivery of social and economic welfare schemes of the Government of India and various state governments. Introduction of modern ICT will help in timely and transparent delivery of social benefit schemes to the beneficiaries viz. MGNREGS, Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme (IGOAPS).

Computerised and connected network of Post office on a single integrated platform will also help India Post to retail products and services of other service providers viz. Banks, Government & Non Government financial institutions, Government Agencies and Mutual Fund houses in the rural and remote areas.

India Post has already taken initiative for re-engineering processes and making it compatible to suite the new ICT solutions and customer requirements.

One of the pre-requisite for transformation of India Post is upgradation of the skills of the work force and capacity building. Training of the human resources has been given its due importance and recognition in the project. The Services of the newly recruited 15000 Postal Assistants will also be utilized to the maximum extent. The Branch Post offices will not be provided with computers, instead they will be provided with modern-technology oriented hand devices.

Secretary General, NFPE insisted that the services rendered by the existing System Administrators in maintaining the computer network of more than 12000 Post offices is to be acknowledged in its true perspective and they may be absorbed in suitable posts such as System Assistants while implementing the project. The Secretary Post stated that this aspect will be given positive consideration. While we pointing out the delay in discussion on cadre review proposals, it was assured to finalise very shortly. Introduction of accrual based accounting system is also becomes part of the project. The apprehension about the mass redeployment or surplus has been focussed by us for which the Secretary, Posts assured that there will be no staff movements or reduction.

The Leader Staff side requested to arrange a similar presentation to the Circle Secretaries also for which the Secretary (Posts) responded positively.

The following news were made known to us during the course of discussions and interactions.

(i) For the current financial year, the modernization will be restricted up to B class offices, 628 crores had been allotted for this purpose.

(ii)Single handed offices & BOs will be taken in the next year project.

(iii)For Pilot Project six circles have been identified viz. Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Assam. It will come into functioning before August 2011.

(iv) Instead of cost accounting, accrual basis system will be introduced. This is almost implemented in all major organizations including Telecom as per the Government of India decisions.

(v) 1800 ATMs will be established after the introduction of Core banking. Call centers to collection of logistics, MO etc will be formed. Track & trace facilities will be implemented for all services.

(vi) On Phase II, the rest of 16 circles will be completed.

(vii) Softwares are being developed as per the recommendations of 'Accenture'.

(viii) Expression of Interest was segregated to three instruments. One major National level Data server. Second 2600 departmental Post office net week interrogators, third Rural ICP hardware solutions. All net work equipments, connectivity, maintenance will be entrusted to vendor for 24 X 7 (Per week). He is solely responsible for everything. The penalty clause provision has been included.

(ix) Data centre, hire space and installation area will be ours. The rest software, maintenance etc will be entrusted to the providers.

(x) While comparing previous year, 13% revenue has been increased in postal operations. MAIL NETWORK OPTIMIZATION PROJECT

An interaction with the staff side on Mail Network optimization project also took place during the meeting. It is explained that the scope of the project is to (1) optimize India Post Network from collection to delivery (2) to standardize processes with focus on significant quality improvement & reduction in network complexity (3) put in place an effective performance measurement system through regular reviews (4) improve the ambience of mail offices (5) upgrade processing facilities and improve working condition for employees and (6) make staff and customers proud of being associated with India Post. The key operational areas of the network optimization are (i) Speed Post and (ii) First class mail. First class mail optimization study is in progress.

The interaction mainly concentrated on the newly introduced Speed Post Network optimization programme (hubs). The Staff Side pointed out that the introduction of the speed post hubs has resulted in delay in processing and transmission of speed post articles resulting in delay in delivery. This issue should be addressed on top priority basis and corrective measures to avoid delay should be taken. The staff side further pointed out that while more than 80% of the speed post hubs are functioning under the administrative control of RMS Superintendents, the remaining hubs are controlled by Postal Superintendents. This has created on apprehension in the minds of the RMS employees that in the longer run the identity of RMS will be lost and eventually it will be merged with Post offices. Taking into consideration of this aspect, the Staff Side requested that all the Speed Post hubs should be under the control of RMS Superintendents. The Secretary, Posts assured to consider the request positively.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Picasa Software

Photo viewer software.


Friday, November 19, 2010

  • Two most frequent Problems
  • After many days of implementation of  Meghdoot SP1 and Sanchay post R2 also, many of our friends facing two problems. So I have decided to post the two solutions again.
    1) While doing submit accounts 'Server not configured for RPC'

    Solution: Run the following query using query analyzer (replace 'myserver' with your server name):

    exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='true'
    exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='true'

    The above error is related to SQL Server configuration settings and not related to the application. (RPC is Remote Procedure Call).

    2) Login failed for user Arrow in Project database (While upgradation of SP R2)
        If you recieve error code "Z" If you check the status in DB Analyzer
    Please Download the Arrow.exe, double click the Arrow.exe and input the login details
    and press ok.

    Download Arrow.exe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Password Protect Folder

This is a free software to protect your personal files and folders safely.

Download Here

Useful software

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Quick recovery software to recover the deleted files

Download Here

Adobe Flashplayer

Download Here

Virus Science
Latest SB Orders

SB Order 15/2010

Closure / Premature closure of accounts- revision of format of account closure form

SB-7A regarding.


SB Order 16/2010

Printing of new account opening form (SB-3) circulated in 2008.


SB Order 17/2010

Admissibility of interest after death of depositor before meturity in case of SCSS-2004

account-amendment to sub rule 3 of Rule 8 of SCSS-2004 rules regarding.


DBAnalyzer dtd 020910

Recent additions in DBAnalyzer >> Reports

1. Provision to update PAN Card details for SCS accounts


3. Reports in connection with AML - Reports for SB, MIS, TD, SCS, NSC and KVP deposits/opening and withdrawals/closure transactions are available under 'Income tax report' option.

4. List of Branch offices

5. List of Accounts BO wise

6. Provision to modify agent license expiry date is made available in 'RD Accounts - Agent-wise' option

Download Here

Task Manager Disabled By Administrator

If you get this message on your PC, stating that the Task Manager is disabled by administrator, you can correct this error by enabling it from the Registry Editor.

To do so:

Click on "Start" menu and then select and click on "Run"

In the "Run" window type "regedit" and click on "OK"

In the "Registry Editor" window that opens, navigate to:
My Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies\ System

In the right-pane, right click and delete the value, "DisableTaskMgr" [Deleting this value from the Registry Editor would make sure that the task bar remains enabled at all times]. Close the Registry Editor.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fetching PLI/RPLI data from counter & Treasury

Incorrect no. of pli/rpli transaction

Problem related to inclusion of incorrect no. of pli/rpli transaction in the csv file is rectified.
Download Here
Fetching PLI/RPLI data from counter & Treasury
Problem related to fetching PLI/RPLI data from counter is rectified.
Download Here

Friday, May 21, 2010

New SB Plugin

Here you can download latest SB plugin exe released by Trichy post.nic.in.

Download here

Send Space Wizard

Download Here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sanchaya Post Day Begin Query

use post

delete from dcl.daybegin

delete from dcl.last_working_day

delete from dcl.si_exec_update

Sub A/c Duplicate Daily A/c Solution

For HO :-  Execute H_DeleteDuplicate '2009/12/10'

Sanchaya Post Query for Data Restore

Run Query analyzer, select ‘Master’ database and execute the following command –

Select sid from sysxlogins where name = ‘DCL’

>For example: The result of this command may be as follows:


>2. Execute these commands one by one

sp_configure ‘allow updates’,1 Press Ctrl E

>Ø reconfigure with override Press Ctrl E.

>3. Select ‘post’ database and execute the following statements:

Update sysusers set sid = 0x603B633FF489D411AD9A000021DD037E

> where name = ‘DCL’


>Note: Value of sid obtained by step 1 has to be used in the above update statement.

>Repeat step 3 after selecting the other four (BPRO, BPLOG, SOSB, SIGN and SO’s if necessary) databases one by one and executing the same query. After all the databases have be modified with the SID, go to the next step.


>4. Execute these commands one by one

sp_configure ‘allow updates’,0 Press Ctrl E

reconfigure with override Press Ctrl E.


>5. You can now run the data entry / online transactions as usual.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meghdoot SP2 Updates dt.11.05.2010.

Download Here

-------------------- DOWNLOADS HERE -----------------------

SPEEDNET 3.1.1 CLIENT SETUP : Downloads dtd 17/07/2009
SPEEDNET README 3.1.1 : Downloads dtd 17/07/2009


CCBRIDGE 3.5 SETUP: Download

eMO Pay inSlip - New : Download

Computer History Sheet : Download

FTP SERVER for Sanchaya-Post



1. Please Download this attached file and run with script tool executor ..2. after this .. pl. execute the query mentioned below in SQL Query Analyzer ...execute treasury..update_megh66_accountheads_bydate '010510' Pl. also check ..the option 'Convert Temporary Fields' under tools menu through supervisory login ..If the missing heads are listed, then make them permanent ...During the course you may need to perform undo day's work .. perform day end and day begin once again .. Temporary Solution- Click Here

CC Bridge 4.0 exe

CC Bridge 4.0 exe with reporth patches dtd 210410
Click here to Download

CC Bridge 3.5 setup

Click here to Download

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Win Rar Software

Download here

Script Tool New

Click here to Download

Reset Registration eMO & epayment

Click here to Download

Advanced System Care (Free ware)

Download Here

Hirens Boot CD 10.4

Dear friends,

Hirens Boot CD 10.4 is a very useful bootable CD, with many features. Hope this CD will help all our SA's in their day to day office work & other staff for their home use.It contains all most every thing we want in a single CD, including Antivirus, password recovery, disk partioning etc--Download this CD from any of the following links:

Download Link 1 or Download Link 2

after downloading extract the zip file, you will find an ISO image, burn the image using the Burncdcc.exe located below.

Download Burning Tool

Virus Solutions

Fsecure easy clean
Virus Solutions
Click here to Download


Download Here

Signature Scanning Software with instructions(Using Web Cam)

Click here to Download

DBAnalyzer dtd 210410

Click here to Download

Sanchay post all patches

Click here to Download

Miscellaneous Softwares

V2Conversion 3.0 dtd 05/04/2010

SB Plugin 3.0

Bridge Plugin 2.4

SB Plugin & V2Conversion Updates dtd 31/03/2010SanchayPost DB Creation :

RMS : CRC Setup

Inspector Software Setup : Download

Inspector Software 2.1 Updates : Download

Inspector Software 2.2 Updates : Download